Credit Monitoring

Credit monitoring is a service typically provided by credit bureaus which enables you to detect any suspicious activity concerning your credit history, such as credit related fraud or identity theft.



You receive alerts of critical changes to your credit history, and activity such as credit inquiries, public records, delinquencies, negative information, and other changes.



Credit Fraud


A credit monitoring service can help to protect you from credit fraud by contacting you whenever new credit accounts are requested in your name. This will protect you at the time an attempt to steal your identity occurs. The relevant law enforcement agencies can also be utilized to take immediate steps to track down the credit fraud perpetrator.



Secure Automated Calls


Credit monitoring companies offer secure automated calls seeking your authorization before a new account can be opened. If you suspect someone has attempted to open a line of credit in your name the credit monitoring company may contact the law enforcement agencies so the source of the unauthorized activity can be tracked down immediately. Fraud alerts provide additional security and inform creditors how to request your permission prior to granting credit.

Credit Monitoring helps consumers to maintain credit scores by protecting against fraud and errors.