Identity Theft

Identity theft (ID theft) is the act of someone obtaining or “stealing” your identity. The ID thief acquires personal data (names, addresses, passport numbers, bank account numbers, tax numbers, etc.) to masquerade as another entity and commit fraud of varying degrees.



“Phishing” is an individual pretending to be a financial institution or company, and asking for personal information through emails and pop-up messages in an attempt to commit fraud.





“Skimming” is the theft of credit and debit card numbers, through the use of a data storage device when a card is processed.





Thieves take mail from mailboxes and storage facilities to obtain personal information and carry out fraud.



Dumpster Diving


“Dumpster Diving” is the act of looking through trash with the aim of obtaining confidential information such as bills and other personal information. Changing Your Address Fraudsters use a change of address form to divert billing statements to another location.